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Syllabus for Upgradation courses

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General Instructions


  • The trainee should be a BSNL Executive and should have got Upgradation Order from his/her Circle Office. In case of any doubt regarding his eligibilty, the trainee may contact his Circle Office for clarifications
  •  It is the responsibility of the trainee to check his eligibility for appearing the exam.
  • If any candidate passed the exam, without satisfying the eligibilty conditions, his result will become Null and Void and the TA/DA, if any, paid to him will be recovered.




  • Exams will be held  only  during the Month of March, June, September and December of Every Year (Note: Exam will be held on All Mondays and All Saturdays(except 2nd Saturday). If candidates are more then additional dates will be added. The candidate will be allowed to select only FROM THE AVAILABLE FIRST FOUR dates. Only when one of the four dates is full in that exam-centre,  the next date will be opened for selection.For Example , initially only the following four dates will be visible for the trainees for selection: 3-Sep,28-Sep,10-Sep,21-Sep. Whenever one of these dates becomes full, one more new date will be visible to the trainee for selection. )
  • The candidates can do Self-Nominations  on the dates as shown below:
  • For March Exam, Self Nomination will open on 1st Jan and will close on 15th February
  • For June Exam,   Self Nomination will open on 1st April and will close on 15th May
  • For September Exam,Self Nomination will open on 1st July and will close on 15th  August
  • For December Exam, Self Nomination will open on 1st October and will close on 15th  November
  • For doing Self Nomination, enter your HR Number and Date of Birth in the  Login Form given at the top of this page.
If the self-nomination date is over, please contact your Circle Coordinator ( ie AGM Admn Office).

What is the Syllabus?

           Click here to view the syllabus of Both the Papers

How to download Study Materials?
Those who have nominated themselves can download the study materials by logging in .

How many Papers to write?What is the Exam Duration? At what time Exam commences? What is the Pass mark?

Each Upgradation course has two papers:
Paper 1 (Management Paper) :
Paper 2 (Core Paper)

Candidates should be present in the Exam hall by 10 o'clock in the Morning on the Exam Date. If you have already passed any one of the papers, you need NOT write that paper. Please tell the Invigilator about paper you have passed and then only Invigilator can arrange for you for writing the failed paper.

Exams for both the Papers will be conducted on the same day.
There is NO negative marks for wrong answers. Hence trainees are advised to attend ALL the questions.

If, for any reason, an exam date is declared as holiday in any location, the exam will be conducted on the next working day.

Exam duration of each paper is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Total marks of each paper is 100 and the candidate should get a minimum of 50 marks to pass the paper. There will be a total of 50 questers and each question carries 2 marks. All the questions are of Objective type.

A candidate has passed in one paper and failed in another paper.  Has he to attend BOTH the papers next time?

No. He has  to write ONLY the failed paper. For writing the failed paper,  he can do self nomination for the next quarter exam when the self nomination dates are open.

A candidate has nominated himself but NOT  appeared for the exam. Will it be considered as an attempt?

      NO ! It is NOT considered as an attempt.


Whether Questions will be asked from  the Mock Test Questions?
     No.   It has come to our notice that some trainees are preparing for the exam just based on the questions available in Mock test. In this connection, it is clarified that the questions in this Mock Test are ,IN NO WAY, related to your Actual Exam Questions. Mock Test is just for familarising yourself with the PROCEDURE of how to write the Exam. Trainees are informed not to mislead themselves by studying the questions in MockTest.


For any Clarifications, feel free to contact your nearest Training Centre. For Contact Numbers of Training Centres, please HERE.